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We install, service, and repair all major makes and models of garage doors and openers. We are known for quality, timeliness of service, and attention to detail. Our skilled technicians will handle any job and get it done right to your complete satisfaction!


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Available in many colors and styles and are energy efficient. The most common door with great durability, low maintenance and exceptional performance.

When traditional doors won't do we can show you various materials, colors, styles and custom hardware to fit your taste and style. Contact us today to schedule a design session.

Wood Doors give your garage a very distinct and sophisticated look. Made of the finest wood available with a detailed finish and specific hardware gives your garage doors that extra fabulous look.

Gateway Door Company - Residential

When you want your garage doors done right, choose  Gateway Door Company of Camanche, IA. Where quality matters and we treat you like family.

Whether you want your existing door serviced, a garage door opener installed or repaired, or just want to enhance your homes curb appeal with a new garage door - we have you covered.


Purchasing the right door for your home is a difficult decision. The door is most times one of the most prominent features of your home that a neighbor or a guest will see. You want to make sure that you select a door that fits your home not only aesthetically but architecturally as well.


Gateway Door Company will assist you in your design process from start to finish.  We have many styles to choose from and if custom doors are what you are looking for, we will work with you to design the perfect door. Make sure to complete your door purchase with one of our door openers.

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